What is Putin’s salary, according to the Kremlin?

According to different sources, from the Kremlin to news agencies around the world, the president Vladimir Putin would have an annual salary of 118 thousand euros per year. Official data also states that he has a 77-square-meter apartment with a garage in the center of Moscow and three cars, two of them from Soviet times, in addition to his official residence.

In 2017 the president would have earned 18.7 million rubles, at the exchange rate of a few days ago, before the war, it would be 242 thousand euros. According to Agence France Press, a 1,500-kilometre parcel would have disappeared from this year’s list of assets.

More than 40 billion dollars

The figures of his fortune dance from a Political analyst to another. According to Stanislav Belkovsky, Putin also owns shares in Gazprom, Surgutneftegas and Gunvor companies, and his wealth would exceed $40 billion.

According the Panama Papers, a large part of his fortune would be in the name of figureheads, such as his childhood friend, the cellist Sergey Roldugin. He would have the Putin family a mega yacht of up to 100 million dollars and a palace on the Black Sea.

For Ruth Ferrero-Turrión, professor of Political Science at the UCM, “great autocrats always have large economic reserves hidden somewhere.” Today, what keeps Putin in power is “mafia capitalism.”