Top Breaking News: Internet Explorer is Finally Shutting Down

In a few days, Internet Explorer will no longer be available. This web browser has been around for 27 years, but it’s time for it to go to the memory page. The first version of Internet Explorer came out in 1995. With Windows 95, this browser became available. Internet Explorer was made so that people could get more out of it. But in 2003, this web browser became more popular. In 2003, Internet Explorer was used by most people. About 95% of the people in the world used Internet Explorer at the time. But Microsoft’s competitors are putting out new browsers one by one as time goes on. And over time, Internet Explorer lost its ability to be the only browser. Also, popularity goes down.

Microsoft has been making plans to shut down Internet Explorer since 2016. Because by that time, this American company’s new browser, Microsoft Edge, had just come out, and they were working hard to make it more popular. He was making that point clear. Microsoft Edge was released in 2015 with Windows 10 and Xbox One. By 2017, this new browser from Microsoft was also available on Android and iOS. In the meantime, Internet Explorer is becoming less noble. Firefox, Chrome, UC Browser, Opera, and many others are also popular web browsers. Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the ones that people use the most. Internet Explorer used to be used by a lot of people around the world, but it is becoming less popular for a number of reasons, such as slower speeds and the release of more advanced Microsoft browsers. Since 2021, there have been talks about ending Internet Explorer. It was said that Microsoft 365 would shut down Internet Explorer in August 2021. Microsoft finally said that Internet Explorer would no longer be available on any platform after June 15.