Spotify registers an error and kicks users out of the application | Technology

Headphones in front of a Spotify logo.
Headphones in front of a Spotify logo.REUTERS

The Spotify music app He admitted this Tuesday, at 7:20 p.m. (Spanish time), that his service “does not work well” and that “they were seeing what was happening.” In just 20 minutes, more than a million tweets from around the world lamented the fall. The app kicked users out of the service and forced them back in, which was not possible.

The messaging app Discord has also announced problems around the same time: “We are aware of an issue causing message errors and are working on a fix,” the message read. “It’s time to go out,” they joked in a later message.

There is no indication for now that both falls have any link. Spotify’s official response has been to direct people to the tweet announcing that they are working on it. However, on the usual page to see drops in services, downdetectorthere are apparently other companies with some problem, but, for now, none have confirmed serious falls.

The Spotify Internet access page gives a 500 error, which barely clarifies something of what is happening: it is a common error that indicates the lack of access to the service, but not the precise reason.

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