Something happens with Cristiano –

Manchester United will be without Cristiano Ronaldo for Sunday’s derby against Manchester City. As AS learned, the striker is not part of Ralf Rangnick’s team for this match. It would be a very notable absence for a crucial match. The Portuguese, despite not going through a good period, is the team’s top scorer with 15 goals in all competitions and has only missed one game due to injury all season.

At 37 years old, he is going through a difficult moment and has barely seen a goal in all of 2022. In the last match of the Red Devils he played the 90 minutes, but again he was left to zero. In addition, in several games he was replaced by Rangnick in the second half, an unusual image and that in some cases annoyed him.

According to the English media, his absence would be confirmed by the fact that he was not among the 21 players who arrived at the Lowry Hotel on Saturday night, the team’s usual place of concentration. Although you might have special permission when playing in the same city, it doesn’t seem like the case. Cristiano will stay out of a key match, as will Cavani -injured-.