Pellegrini: “We weren’t inferior to Atlético for 60 minutes”

The technician of Betis, Manuel Pellegrinivalued the defeat of his team against Atletico Madrid: “The result is explained by the fact that we played against Atlético de Madrid, who are specialists against the counterattack. With a goal in their favor in the first minute, they are dangerous. We were able to take the lead at the beginning of the second half, but we felt the effort of all the week and they converted those two goals that are reflected on the scoreboard. I’m happy with the team in the first half”.

Shield/Flag Betis

Champions squares: “Those who are above are Madrid, Seville, Atlético and Barcelona. That’s a reality. But there’s a lot left, we have to continue, being one point down doesn’t mean anything with so much to play for”.

physical theme: “Unfortunately I think we had an excellent first half and after the start of the second half they did us a lot of damage on the counterattack. It was essential not to score the second. When they scored, we already felt the impact of the week. We have to recover and think about the Europa League and do exactly the same as up to now”.

Copa del Rey: “There is a goal very far away, there are 40 days left. The best thing for that goal is to be competitive in the other competitions. We were not inferior to Atlético in 60 minutes. Losing this game does not change anything. We are not going to think about the Cup”.

Victor Ruiz: “There are worse days, but the defeats and the victories are collective”.