João Félix: “We had to squeeze our asses”

This Atleti looks like another…

We are very plugged in, we are clear about our objective and we will fight for it. We’re doing things right, the attitude is very, very good and when that’s the case, quality comes through and we win games.

They have suffered in the first half.

It is normal to suffer. We started very well, then we went back and conceded the goal. Hard. At the break we talked about what had to be done. In the second half there was an even better attitude than in the first and two goals came.

What was there to do?

The attitude. They were better, running more and that can’t be, we have to give everything. The attitude to the fullest. So the quality stands out and the goals come

Was it just attitude that was missing?

It was one of the missing things. We are doing very well, we are clear about our objective. We were having a hard time, we had to squeeze our asses and win.

He is scoring goals with ease. What changed?

Nothing, before he did things well. The goals happen moments that no and now yes, that continues like this

With Correa it is well understood.

We get along very well on and off the field, like everyone else. We are doing well, we are winning and we have to continue.