João Félix has everything to be an excellent ‘nine liar’

Third consecutive victory Athletic since the ’14-game league’ mode was activated, as was the case in the post-COVID mini-league. those of the cholos They continue to show a more solid and effective face than before the necessary and late meeting with the leadership. In the first 45 minutes where the Atléticos lacked pause and quality to build, where again they suffered in lateral centers and in which I greatly missed the work of Kondogbia. The image of the team was different in the second part, where the faster elaboration favored the appearances of Llorente and joao felix. Both, without a doubt, were the men of the match. One, the thoroughbred Llorente who broke into space, having enough time to attend to a João who is with the pilot on. The boy He continues to show that he can be an excellent ‘nine liar’, thanks to his fortune-telling skills to get himself into dangerous situations and his talent to define and, along the way, free him from some defensive effort.

Good news also the quality minutes of Griezmann to be your companion in the future. The Frenchman’s commitment and his reading of the game between the lines should be used by João to stand out and above all to learn on his way to becoming a top footballer.