How to print color at black and white prices | Technology

It has happened to all of us. At the most inopportune moment, when we absolutely need to print a page or a photo on paper… something goes wrong. Suddenly, the nightmare: the ink runs out. And now what do I do? Fortunately, this is now a thing of the past thanks to the HP Instant Ink servicewhich allows the user to completely forget about ink and toner in their printer and save up to 70% on printing costs.

Its operation is simple. It is enough to check if the printer model is compatible with this service, register on the web and forget forever about going to the store to replace the cartridges. The printer will automatically notify HP when it detects that ink or toner is low, and HP will deliver the new cartridges to the customer’s home or office before they run out, while also recycling the used ones.

In addition to the comfort that this procedure entails, savings are important. Among other things, because HP Instant Ink printing plans are based on the number of pages that are printed, not on the ink or toner that is used, so the cost of the document that needs to be printed, whether it is a photo color in maximum quality or a page in black and white, it will be exactly the same.

What 98% of users recommend this service With opinions that reach a rating of 4.9 out of 5, according to a study by The Insiders network, it demonstrates its good reception. Among the most valued benefits are savings and environmental care.

There are plans that adapt to all the needs of each user and that can be changed or canceled at any time with total flexibility. In addition, the cost of the service is only €0.99 per month including ink, shipping and recycling of used cartridges.

In fact, the service allows you to reduce expenses considerably, since it offers printing plans from only 0.99 euros per month that include ink or toner, home delivery and recycling of used cartridges. With Instant Ink plans, you can save up to 70% on ink and 50% on toner. There are five monthly ink plans, which are adapted to the needs of each user and whose price varies depending on the number of pages that are going to be consumed. Thus, if printing is sporadic (10 pages per month), the cost does not even reach one euro. If we print 50, we will pay 3.99 euros per month, which reaches 5.99 euros with 100 printed pages.

If the printing is even larger (300 pages per month or 700), the price will be 11.99 euros and 24.99 euros, respectively. In addition, unused pages can be accumulated for the following month or additional packages can be purchased at a very affordable price. For example, if we only spend 50 pages and we have contracted the printing plan of 100, we accumulate 50 for the next month. For its part, the five toner plans range from 1.99 euros per month (50 pages) to 25.99 euros per month (1,500).

cheaper in less time

Obviously, the total savings vary depending on how much and how we print, but the truth is that it pays to hire this service, since we will avoid spending more than we should on ink and toner. Flexibility is another of its advantages, since we can change to a lower or higher plan or cancel it at any time, without costs or commitment to permanence. We also do not pay anything if we decide to subscribe to the service again. Added to economic savings is time. Because the printer contacts you before it runs out of ink or toner, and HP automatically ships cartridges within approximately ten days, users don’t have to waste a minute shopping for new refills or searching the Internet. In addition, the new cartridges always arrive before the user needs them, so you can be sure that your printer will always be ready to print.

When the pages contracted in the plan are going to run out, the system will notify us so we can decide what to do: whether to keep what we have contracted, buy a pack of additional pages or switch to a higher plan. If we opt for this last option, we can choose to have immediate effects and save even more money, so it is worth taking advantage of this possibility.

Likewise, with HP Instant Ink, the use of materials is greatly reduced –since these cartridges have a higher capacity, and it is not necessary to replace them as often–, they require less packaging, their recycling is more convenient and free of charge (just put them in the a prepaid envelope) and distribution is simplified through home deliveries that avoid unnecessary trips to the store. A sustainable solution, since it reduces the negative impact on the environment… and on our pockets.