Celta approved and failed: Galhardo is unleashed as a starter

Diture: Without responsibility in the three goals he conceded. There was little he could do with Gio González’s strange shot, nor did he have room to react on Aidoo’s own goal and Salva Sevilla tricked him from the penalty spot. He only made one stop. He conveyed confidence in the air and with his feet.

Mallo: As crazy as the game. Victim of the VAR in the rigorous penalty that also led to his expulsion. Eight minutes before seeing the red, he lost his mind, giving away a lateral foul that cost him the first yellow card. Next week he will rest due to suspension and it may come in handy to calm down.

Aido: Back to the past. The Ghanaian appears at the beginning of the 1-1 with a bad pass to Mallo that Mallorca intercepts, a mistake that he had not made for months. The 2-2 marks it in his own door, an unfortunate play in which little can be reproached. He made up for it with his long shipment to Cervi at 3-2.

Araujo: Fast. He imposed physical power on him in various actions, especially in an open field race with Kubo. The referee missed an elbow from the Mexican in the first half and the VAR did not enter because it happened just outside the area.

Prince: Guarded. Mallorca raised a double lateral by the side of Badajoz to cover their rises. Despite this, he started the game hitting his side. Defensively misplaced at 1-1.

Beltran: Conditioned by a card from minute 5. He was charged too early with a warning and Coudet replaced him at game time. Clear ideas in handling the ball.

Dennis: Determinant. He scored a goal coming from the second row and invented, with a trademark drive, the play that caused the penalty that gave Celta the victory. Luxury combinations with Blades in the first part.

Brais: Gray. He lacked precision and choose better. He had two chances: a hard shot that Sergio Rico took from him and a deflection to Mallo’s shot that narrowly missed him. Although things did not work out for him, he never lost face of the game

cervi: Incisor. In the first goal he hit the crossbar and Galhardo picked up the rebound to open the scoring, while at 3-2 he assisted Aspas with a first-touch pass. It has more and more weight in the celestial game.

Blades: Stellar. Beyond the brace, the assist to Denis and a shot from the edge of the box that didn’t go in by inches, he wreaked havoc on Mallorca’s defense from start to finish. The two goals define it as crack: in the first he hits a perfect volley with his right foot and in the penalty kick he proves once again that he is infallible at crucial moments.

Galhardo: He took the opportunity to be the novelty in the starting eleven. The Brazilian generated danger in almost all of his interventions during the first half. In addition to scoring his first goal with Celta, he made a key pass to Aspas in the 2-1 play and touched a second goal in his private account with a great shot from outside the area.

Wall (entered by Beltrán): Chaotic. He replaced Beltrán because the man from Madrid was booked and it only took eight minutes to see the yellow card. Celta lost control of the game since the Peruvian took control of the midfield.

Mine (He came in for Galhardo): The substitution did not sit well with him. He came out too fast and obsessed with shooting on goal.

Solari (entered by Cervi): A change that did not work either. El Chacho opted for his compatriot to strengthen the spinal cord, but the game got even more out of control. He suffered a hard tackle from Ángel, which he saw yellow.