ATLÉTICO DE MADRID João Félix is ​​already a leader

From Champions. Atlético added three gold points and is ahead of Betis in the fight for Champions positions. A hard-fought, hard-fought victory that had João Félix as the main protagonist. Atlético had to overcome injuries, went through moments of trouble, but showed that they still have enough of last season’s champion team.

injuries. Vrsaljko had to retire injured and it’s a shame because he was having a great performance. Since Trippier’s departure and Wass’s injury, he has had minutes and is confidently a very useful player. Hopefully the mishap is not serious. Correa was also injured and this is a serious setback for Simeone. By the way, the tackle on the Argentine was not even worthy of a card. The team is not having much luck with the issue of injuries.

Athletic Shield/Flag

Joao Felix. The Portuguese scored as soon as the match began and also made it 1-2. It is João Félix’s seventh goal of the season and he has scored four in the last four games. It is clear that he already has a great weight in the team and that he is one of Atlético’s main weapons for the match in Manchester and for the remainder of the campaign. He is seen with confidence, with desire, he is seen as the leader of the team. The second goal was in a climb to the attack by Marcos Llorente, one of those that Cholo longs for so much.

Griezmann. If João Félix is ​​decisive, Griezmann has to be. The French starred in the 1-3 play and this should also serve to build morale for future matches. Little by little he has to get the best shape of him. For the Champions League appointment it will be vital.

The referee. Unfortunate the party of Cuadra Fernández. How unfortunate is the VAR and the hands. In the early afternoon, Barcelona beat Elche by a hand that the referee granted when going to the VAR. At Villamarín, in an action that we could describe as similar, nothing happened. A disaster.