Atlético 1×1: João Félix is ​​already the player Simeone wants

Oblak: He kept asking his teammates for calm to get to the break unscathed, but another defensive error, in this case due to the loss of Herrera, left Tello with a free shot to pierce his net when there was nothing left. He had to be very active and saw how Betis was getting closer and closer to his goal. He made a worthwhile save against Tello and made a saving save when Joaquín’s corner slipped into the goal. He is safe on long shots and sending a lot to his defense.

Vrsaljko: He had to be substituted after 20 minutes of the game after a very ugly fall, leaving him unbalanced in the air and carrying his weight on his hip. The Croatian was finally having continuity and it was an outlet for Oblak from behind, looking for his aerial power as in the play that ended up leading to João Félix’s first goal. His loss forced Llorente to return to the side.

Philip: Back to eleven due to Savic’s injuries, who was also suspended and Hermoso. He positioned himself on the right of the central three line and was about to score with a header that went to the woodwork. Fundamental cut to start the play of Atlético’s second goal. The best game for the Brazilian in a long time, who also did not see a yellow card that would have led to a sanction. Remembering the best Felipe despite ending up cramped.

Gimenez: He did not have Savic by his side, his main partner to have returned to clean sheets. He saved an obvious scoring opportunity with his face and was unable to direct a header after the post was rejected after Felipe’s first shot. A pediment in Betis’s attempts to enter inside, very serious and attentive to help Oblak to cover distant shots.

Reinildo: Seated completely in the line of three central outlined to the left. Serious in the melee and attentive in the aerial game. He has helped the team a lot to recover defensive security and intensity at the back, very intelligent when it comes to colliding, getting out of position, but without letting the advantaged rival pass. One of the main moles of him is in certain fouls falling to the band when the rivals have their backs turned. Great growth of a signing that has fallen on its feet in January.

I gave it: He has earned his presence in the eleven for his last great performances. At Villamarín, Vrsaljko’s injury led him to modify his position on the field, with Carrasco ahead covering up his main virtue on the climbs. He was between Reinildo and the Belgian in no man’s land. Simeone replaced him at the break to return to a more natural tactical system.

Blacksmith: Very serious mistake by the player who was being more reliable with the ball and who cost the equalizer just before the break, trying to get a ball inside when there were barely ten seconds left for the whistle and losing a ball that Tello ended up scoring. The Mexican was being safer than De Paul in getting the ball out, but that mistake tarnished his record. The rest of the game was controlled well with yellow, he tried to give an exit and play easy, putting rhythm and speed in the middle and covering the gaps well.

Athletic Shield/Flag

From Paul: Opportunity in eleven with the losses of Kondogbia, who was at a high level, and Koke. From less to more, becoming stronger with the passing of the game. In the first half the Argentine was pure inaccuracy with the ball. Far from the version of him with the national team, he was barely able to combine with his teammates and what he wins when it comes to covering the field, he loses with shipments that seem easy and go to the rival or directly outside. But, after the hour of the game, he was improving, participating in the second goal with a great inside ball for Llorente and beginning to launch the counterattacks of his teammates.

Llorente: He started in that midfield position that he likes the most and that he had recovered with the evolution of Vrsaljko, but the Croatian was injured after 20 minutes and had to go back to playing as a patch in the right lane. Wherever he plays, he always contributes and put in a golden center for João Félix to score his second goal. Riding and assistance at the right time. He stretched the team to the right, always giving an exit with his unchecks into space. A hard worker from Madrid, always reliable and with a very important attendance. He ended up devastated.

Joao Felix: A very high-level game as a spearhead beyond the goals, where he showed himself to handle himself very well in the area. The first ball he touched in the game was to put Atlético ahead, taking advantage of Correa’s great assistance with a good movement in the area and in the second he followed Llorente’s move and took advantage of a very precise cross. Very active, working on pressure and also active in recovery and going down to help in his own field. A lot of class, he has to be slowed down by constant fouls. He asked for Sabaly’s hand, but with the incomprehensible criteria of the VAR they did not call the referee to review it. Always giving the team a start, an uncheck and an argument to try to advance lines. He has been assuming leadership in recent games and had the hat-trick in a play where Bravo came out the winner. Also in a great goal from 30 meters invalidated due to a previous foul. Great match and the attitude that Simeone wants.

Belt: He goes for all the balls, he does not understand any lost and received a kick that ended his game after 25 minutes. Before, he had had time to assist João Félix’s goal, winning the ball combed by Vrsaljko and putting a tense cross to the golden penalty spot so that the Portuguese only had to cross it. A fundamental player will have to pray that everything is in one hit.

Two changes in the first half

Carrasco: He had to enter due to Vrsaljko’s physical problems to get into a mixed position between the left lane and a more interior area, moving Llorente to the right lane. He stayed hand in hand and tried to look for João Félix, but his pass had too much power. In the second half he did play more naturally as a left winger. He came in somewhat cold, hesitating when deciding, misguided passing in some of them very simple and without providing the imbalance that he is used to when he faces. It was a game with little success, although he left a magical play that Griezmann could not take advantage of to score.

Griezmann: He entered through Correa to position himself outlined on the right side, but in the second half he was centering his position. Sending many carats to leave Carrasco hand in hand, who did not hit his pass attempt. He does a great tactical job, with great defensive skills that give the team a lot of air with his recoveries. He was able to meet again with the goal, his friend Bravo came out the winner, but he vindicated himself minutes later with an extraordinary play to give the goal to Lemar. For the first time since his injury he was able to play for more than an hour and it always adds up.

Lemar: He jumped for Lodi at the break to try to provide the team with more ball control, embedding himself in a midfield that was finding it increasingly difficult to send. And he scored a goal that gave peace of mind, reaching the area well and defining Griezmann’s great play. He gave control, management and individual imbalance, something the team needed, although on occasion he was infected by the team’s mistake in the pass.

Javier Serrano: More minutes for the youth squad in midfield. He does not care how much time Simeone gives him, he is intense and bites for every ball, helping Llorente when Ruibal had been able to beat him.

Suarez: He has to assume a more secondary role at this time in which Simeone is betting on a forward with João and Correa and Griezmann as the first alternative. He was about to try Pamplona’s, but he preferred to hold the ball masterfully.