ATHLETIC-LEVANTE | Marcelino announces that he will wait for the new president to talk about his possible renewal

The continuity of Marcelino was a recurring theme before falling in the Cup and now that Athletic is fighting to enter Europe, but the Asturian coach does not get out of the lane, no matter how much the current president Elizegi insists that he wants to tie him up before finishing his mandate. “It is very difficult because when I came here the board, the general management and the sports management showed confidence in us. I came here because they showed trust, affection and, above all, support in the most difficult moments. The moment will be when the season ends, with the results on the table. There are very complex factors”, he clearly stated today in Lezama. Therefore, the new president will have to sit down with him, it is assumed that in mid-June at the earliest.”We’ll sit down with the party that’s going to run the club and we will both see if my continuity is the best,” he launched.

“The board considers that the best thing is continuity, but Athletic is the most important thing, I am going to work with the same ambition, lThen we will see what happens”, he has concluded on this matter. In addition, he has launched very clear questions, such as the assessment of the season so far: “It is very good, very good for me. I say this because we are a solvent team, with very good numbers. There was a period that we had problems in the definition. We have played a Super Cup final, winning the semi-final against Atlético and we competed in the final. In the Cup we were able to eliminate Barça and Madrid and we came close to eliminating Valencia. We are in the upper middle part of the table and we have proven to be competitive against all the teams. In the League we have the option of placing ourselves four points from sixth place and two from seventh with twelve games to go and competing with our philosophy. If we don’t consider it to be a good season, God come and see it.”

It seems as if he is upset that what they have achieved so far is not appreciated enough. “I could not tell you. There are adjectives that hurt us, they hurt me particularly, but the fact that they hurt me does not mean that it is fair or unfair. It is considered that Athletic has an obligation to fight for Europe and if it is not a failure, in my modest opinion, it is not fair. As long as we are the coaching staff that directs Athletic, we are going to demand that of the squad, but it cannot be a failure not to reach a Cup final and it cannot be a failure not to reach Europe. Another thing is that you stay fifteen points. They are very different things because it indicates the competitive level of the team. Now I look at the teams that precede us in the table and have enormous potential and some that are behind us have similar potential. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t demand the most of ourselves”, explained the man from Careñes.

And, in that sense, he gave the Cup semifinal against Valencia as an example: “We were up to the task, although not in the best possible way, but when one team was more superior to another, we were in the first half in Valencia and there we ended up down on the scoreboard,” he recalled.

For Marcelino, reaching “the Super Cup final by eliminating Atlético de Madrid in the semi-finals, the Cup semi-finals after beating Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the top candidates” in the tournament”, and seeing himself now with European options makes so far this season a “very good, very good” season. “We are a solvent team with good numbers. We had a moment in which the definition penalized us, but we proved to be competitive with all the teams. The notes arrive in June, but if this is not a good season, God come and see it, “he said.

Marcellin too He noticed Williams’ emotional moment, who has confessed through social networks to have spent “two very hard days” after losing to Valencia after missing a clear goal chance that could mean the 0-1 just before the 1-0. “Football is a collective sport and I consider it unfair that a footballer is singled out. The maximum responsibility always belongs to the coach and I assume it. We were not effective. Williams is not responsible and what he has to do is make the most of his great qualities, not be thinking about what others are thinking because he hasn’t scored a goal. You have to be prepared for when things go well and when they go wrong. Tranquility, calm and start playing”, he advised his starting center forward.

What’s more, advocates the renewals of Balenziaga and De Marcos, because their values ​​on the field are joined by those who contribute off it in a club as special as Athletic. He advanced that there is a player with discomfort and that is why the call is saved. If in the end they all arrive, you should make a discard,