AMOREBIETA 1- MALAGA 2 | Vélez de Mendizabal: “We make the same mistakes again”

Amorebieta consummated another painful defeat in Lezama in a clash that seemed transcendental. Beyond the arbitration error, Vélez’s men did not worry Málaga as could be presumed due to the importance of the match and they conceded again from a set piece. Iñigo Vélez de Mendizabal downplayed the penalty that opened the can in favor of the visitors: “I haven’t seen it yet. He has called a penalty, then he reviewed it and called it again. I can’t tell you because I haven’t seen it. Supposedly Brandon puts his foot in. They are one of those plays where the referee calls a penalty. But There was plenty of time to turn it around.”

The Gasteiz coach admitted that the game plan was not carried out well: “It has gone well for Málaga. They have changed the system to a 5-3-2 like us. They have found that penalty, with which they have 0-1 position. We should have gotten more centers, that’s how the goal came. In attack we have had the ball in phases of the game. I think we have not been well in what we wanted which were centers and spikes. Then in the second half, another poorly defended goal, and it was uphill for us. With the 1-2 he has not given us time. We dial again, but We make it very easy for the rival to score. It is a huge stick. Nobody thought that we would be in this scenario of losing at home.

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*Data updated as of March 6, 2022

A new goal conceded from a set piece: “It is clear that in this category you can win or open games, but in our case lose them. It’s what we’re doing. They are actions that we do not defend well, the penalty also comes from a foul. We analyze it every week and we make the same mistakes again”. Vélez de Mendizabal stressed that the locker room is affected, but they will try to reverse the situation: “Right now we are very screwed. During the week we have everything very clear, but when the game comes there are things that we don’t do well. We have to keep working and think about the next game. We need a reaction and wake up. You have to turn it around.”